martes, 18 de abril de 2017

Writing practice.


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Land of my Birth

by Gilbert Kuma

Another  bright  morning,
The  birds  welcome  the  day  melodiously,
My  radio  talks.

Another  grant  for  poor  Africa,
Poor  Africa,
Wait  a  minute  newsman,
Come  with  me,
To  smell  gold  in  South  Africa,
To  drill  oil  in  Nigeria,
To  touch  ivory  in  Ivory Coast,
To  taste  cocoa  in  Ghana,
To  chew  groundnuts  in  Senegal,
To  trek  with animals  in  Kenya,
To  pilgrimage  to  the  pyramids  in  Egypt,
To  buy  diamonds  in  Zambia,
Africa  poor,

I  don’t  get  it.

BRING THIS PICTURE AND POEM TO CLASS NEXT TUESDAY(You need NOT print it>>copy it, bring it in your cell phone, netbook or other mobile device)


4 comentarios:

  1. Wow! It's an impact poem... How rich are the false 'owners'... And how poor are the really owners. It's to think and do a reflexion about it!

    Meli ★

    1. It isn't "really" sorry, is "real owners"

    2. It isn't "really" sorry, is "real owners"

  2. Very good! This type of poems makes you think about how humanity is doing things and that there is much to improve.