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REVISION: A verb is a word that expresses action or a state of being and is necessary to make a statement.
A verb expresses time—present, past and future—by using tense forms.
An action verb tells what someone or something does. Action verbs can express either physical or mental action.

  • She painted the picture. (physical action)
  • She likes Miró. (mental action)

A transitive verb is an action verb that is followed by a DO.

  • The chorus sang a new song. 

An intransitive verb is an action verb that is not followed by DO. 

  • The chorus sang loudly. 


  1.  Lions pose a scientific enigma.
  2. Male lions possess big manes, sharp teeth, and stong muscles.
  3. Mother lions produce milk for their young.
  4. Only male lions flop their tails.
  5. They live in the African Savanah.
  6. They also feed there.
  7. They sleep in groups near riverbanks.
  8. Male lions usually strike their victims.
  9. Scientists sometimes call lions a “bits-and-pieces animal.”
  10. Researchers still seek answers to the king of the jungle’s mysteries.


  1. take down study notes (copy the theory above)
  2. paste these sentences in your portfolio.
  3. underline the verbs.
  4. state if they´re transitive (whether they express physical or mental action) or intransitive


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